The name Tekneek originated from the core of what we do and how we do it. The architecture we create is the the technique of merging many highly technical elements together in a way that is simplistic and pleasing in how we experience them. Tekneek is a much simpler and more intuitive word than technique, representing strength in its simplicity.  

The culture at Tekneek is pure function. We are real people that love to create great architecture that works for you. It is our job to understand who we are creating spaces for and inspire their daily lives with the spaces they occupy whether that be a home or an ambulatory surgical center.  

Considering ourselves your back pocket architect, we do our best to be available on an as needed basis. We're always interested in your endeavors and love to help out as much or little as you wish. We are here to create life long relationships with and within our community.   

Because we are accessible and involved in each project through completion we are always available by phone, email and in person as needed. We value the team approach to every building project and build our strength from the collective whole of the project team.

Our office environment is very casual. We nurture a  free creative environment for creative types to prosper and technical types to accomplish. Form follows function right...

You won't find a receptionist because that is useless overhead. You wont find 8-5 office hours because we all have our own hours that work best for our own lives. We don't even have an office phone number, we use our mobile phones because they work much better and are completely portable. We are realists with a transparent facade and hope you enjoy working with us as much as we do with you.

Larry Wright